Ramadan Gifts & Eid Gift Ideas for Children

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Are you thinking to give any unique gift to your children or loved ones in the coming Ramadan or Eid? Then, no worries at all because Personal Sketch brings you a wide collection of Ramadan and Eid gifts for children. We have personalised Eid gifts including Bodysuits, Sleepsuits, Jubba, T-shirt, Keepsake Box, and Prayer Mats. […]

Amp Up Your Wardrobe With Islamic Hoodies This Winter


Being a Muslim, it’s our duty to abide by the teachings of Islam and live our lives in the light of Islamic rules. Islam is the religion of guidance, and it means “surrender.” To explain it further, Islam asks Muslim ummah to act upon what the Creator, i.e., Allah (SWT), has said in the Quran.   […]

Personalised Arabic Hoodies: Your Arabic Name Hoodie


Hoodies are a winter friend for many people; they would love to wear this hoodie all day. There are many brands available in the market with various colours, sizes, and designs. Therefore, it can be worn by toddlers, children, teenagers, men, and women. What if you have your own Arabic name hoodie? Seem interesting? Yes, […]