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Hoodies are a winter friend for many people; they would love to wear this hoodie all day. There are many brands available in the market with various colours, sizes, and designs. Therefore, it can be worn by toddlers, children, teenagers, men, and women. What if you have your own Arabic name hoodie? Seem interesting? Yes, you can get personalised Arabic hoodies with your name on it, any special word or phrase like Sabr, Trust, Peace, Be Humble, Love, etc. You can express your feelings, vision or values through personalised Arabic hoodies. Therefore, we (Personal Sketch) bring you your custom Arabic hoodie.

You can order a custom Arabic hoodie of your own choice with Arabic/English text on it. This can be good gift for your loved ones this winter because of its uniqueness, modesty, and style. We have different colours, designs, sizes, fittings from toddlers to adults. Let’s have a look at all of them.

Custom Arabic Hoodie for Toddlers


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Don’t you think your toddler would look cute and adorable in his/her Arabic name hoodie?

Your answer would probably be “Yes”. We can design a custom Arabic name hoodie for your toddler. You can either select any pre-set design or order any other design of your choice. There are various sizes and designs available.

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The shining vinyl would give an appealing sight and mesmerizing glance. There are different vinyl colours available or you can also get an Arabic name hoodie with embroidery threads as well. The print won’t fade or peel off even after many washes. We at Personal Sketch believe in quality.

A name tag on the hoodie will give a unique look to your children. They will also learn their names in Arabic and English as well.

Personalised Arabic Hoodies for Children


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Pretty cool isn’t it? Yes, it gives your children a unique look and style. This design with Arabic and English names in the box looks stunning. You either select any of our pre-set designs or provide your own. We can make the best custom Arabic hoodie for the joy of your life.

Don’t worry about the print because it will not peel off or fade even after many washes. Your children can play in these and have a lot of fun.

We have different designs, colours, sizes, and prints. Have a look at some of them.

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Arabic Name Hoodie for Adults

Personalised Arabic hoodies look good on adults as well. You can choose pre-set designs of Sabr, Love, Patience or you can also provide your design. These can express the values you like. You can select drop shoulder, fitted, oversized and longline according to your style and comfort.

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We have designs for males in all sizes and designs with their custom Arabic/English name or word. The kangaroo hand-warmer pocket in the front will provide comfort to your hands in the winter.

Some other pre-set designs are,

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We also have personalised Arabic hoodies for females as well in different colours and designs. You can express your personality with these hoodies while being modest and comfortable.


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We prefer to adopt style while being covered with comfort.

Have a look at our pre-set design as well.


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Our Service

We believe in quality and customer satisfaction. Giving a quality gift is more important than the gift itself.

The two best printing methods we use are Vinyl and Embroidery. Thefore the prints will last longer than the garment itself, it will not crack or shrink in size and does not fade or peel off; it will be in great condition after many washes.

Get your custom Arabic hoodie at your doorstep. 

For more information regarding colour, size, design or anything, feel free to visit the website or contact us.

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